Come up north.

5089 North Road, Hovland MN


— Campsites —

There are 4 different camping options, from an established group camp site, to backwoods spots. Visitors can choose an option that best fits their needs. If you’d like to camp but don’t have all the gear, we are happy to lend out from our supply of tents, camp stoves, sleeping bags, etc. (Leave no trace!)

— The Teahouse — 

The Teahouse is a little bunkhouse in the woods, overlooking the flute reed river. It is currently set up for single-person retreats but could fit two people. There is no water, electricity, or cooking supplies inside the cabin. Minimally furnished.

— The Barnhouse — 

The Barnhouse is the primary residence for TLC members. There are three furnished bedrooms available for use to visitors, each is set up for two people. 


— Cooking + Food — 

Depending on where you are staying, access to certain amenities may be limited. If you are camping you are encouraged to cook outdoors. If you are staying in the Barnhouse you will have access to the kitchen. Depending on the season, there may be extra food available for visitors to use — otherwise, food is left to the individual to purchase in town.

— Bathrooms — 

There are bathrooms and showers inside of the Barnhouse for visitors.

Electricity + Connectivity — 

There is power to the buildings, and (surprisingly fast) wifi in the barnhouse and on the porch. 

— The Anorak, Sauna, Future Shop, Canoes, and Trails — 

A variety of extra spaces, amenities, and activities are available to visitors. You’re invited to explore the acoustics and open movement space of The Anorak, take in the healing heat of the sauna, wander through trails in the woods, or strap on a canoe to take out on a lake adventure. 


Visitor costs start at $35/day. This helps us cover the basic costs of programming and operating (like subsidizing residencies and running the sauna).

I’m in! How do I let you know?

To check in about scheduling please fill out the form below or email

Please include planned:

  • number of people
  • dates of visit
  • preferred accommodations
  • any other relevant info. 

See you soon!