Access. Arts. Adventure. Awareness.


Tamarack Land Cooperative (TLC) provides affordable and equitable access for people and organizations to 40 acres of land in Hovland, Minnesota by managing and maintaining it as a community asset.


Tamarack Land Cooperative envisions a space of dynamic harmony where a diversity of life shares resources. Together, we seek to enjoy and understand nature, harness cooperative power, provide opportunities for healing and growth, and encourage agency. Through our programming, TLC generates equity and access to land, growing a community of people with the shared values of creativity, resiliency, and accountability. 


From visits, to artistic/wellness residencies, to work-parties, to camping… there’s a way to visit and get involved that will suit you.


TLC is a multi-stakeholder cooperative owned and operated by a group of year-round and seasonal residents on a 40-acre property in Northern MN. The cooperative exists to harness cooperative power to manage, maintain, and improve site infrastructure, enjoy and understand nature through conscious land stewardship, and provide affordable access to land via residencies, hospitality services, and community experiences.

Becoming a member of TLC means you have an ownership stake and voting power in the cooperative organization. You own part of the business, and you help make decisions. Currently, TLC uses annual or monthly use fees and committee participation to qualify membership instead of equity shares. Membership fees go directly toward operational expenses such as insurance, utilities, rent, and supplies, as well as repairs and leasehold improvements.

We have four full-time residents and three seasonal residents. For full-timers, TLC is their primary residence – they have a lease and pay monthly rent. For other members, “staying packages” function like a gym membership meets timeshare – they pay an annual fee and are allowed the use of the space for a certain number of nights each year.

We are at capacity for full-time residents but will be looking to expand seasonal membership in the coming year.

Programming Wings

Residential Community
– affordable full-time and seasonal housing, leadership and ownership stake.

Art + Practice – low and no-cost residencies for artists & practitioners in any discipline. Public showings and/or workshops that connect visiting artists with local community members.

Hospitality – affordable lodging and recreation facilities available for nightly rental, this helps subsidize our residency program.


Fill out the form below and let us know you are curious about the cooperative. You may want to know more about membership, or finances, or governance structures, and we’d be happy to let you know!